Future Apple Watch Will Be Able To Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

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Future Apple Watch Will Be Able To Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

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The Apple Watch was first introduced in the year 2015 which incorporates fitness tracking and health oriented capabilities including heart rate monitoring. Over the last four years, the device has seen three iterations with the current generation Apple Watch 4 being unveiled in September 2018. Three months before the expected launch date of Apple Watch 5 (name not official) some details about the future device have surfaced. Reportedly the upcoming Apple Watch will be of great use for Diabetes patient as it will be able to track blood glucose levels on the go with the flick of a wrist.

The piece of information was shared by a senior executive of Dexcom Inc that designs and manufactures continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes patients. In the year 2018, the company launched it latest device, called the Dexcom G6 it can function without any fingerstick-based calibration. For readers who are unaware, fingersticks are disposable strips which are used for checking blood sugar with the help of a Glucose meter.

The company is expected to be working on new and improved Dexcom G7 model that will directly transfer the wearer’s blood Glucose levels to the Apple Watch. The whole process will simplify the medication process for any Diabetes patient. However, the Dexcom executive did not reveal whether the G7 sensor will be integrated right into the Apple Watch or work as a separate device. Noteworthy, the current generation Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitoring system costs about USD 349 (around Rs 25,000). Therefore, integrating such a sensor in the Apple watch will significantly raise its price unless the company is able to develop a similar sensor with an affordable price tag. 

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Conclusively, the report seems to be big news for Diabetes patients who will be able to easily track their blood Glucose with such a device. Although Apple is yet to confirm or deny the claims made by the medical equipment company. 

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