Apple Will Soon Launch Multiple New iPad Models

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Apple Will Soon Launch Multiple New iPad Models

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Earlier this year, Apple quitely refreshed the iPad Air and the iPad Mini with updated innards. In addition to previously launched devices, it seems that the company has a number of other tablets in the pipeline.

The company has freshly gained certification for five upcoming devices which are filed under the “tablet computer” category. Clearly, the upcoming devices will be iPads and they carry the following model numbers “A2068, A2198, A2230, A2197, and A2228”. iPad OS EEC

The certification was granted by Eurasian Economics Commission or EEC which is based Russia. The listings are critical as every device that can be sold in the region is needs to have the clearance certification from the supervising authority. Companies usually tend to get the devices registered with such bodies just before their launch when the device is ready for mass production. Therefore, the previously mentioned iPads could very well be finalided and they can launch in the near future. 

iPad OS 13 Moreover, the EEC filing also reveals that the future iPad models will run on iPadOS 13 which was revealed at the WWDC 2019 event. The new OS is intended to bridge the gap between a full fledged PC OS and a mobile OS. The newly unveiled OS allows iPad owners to control their devices with a mouse and keyboard with native support. Hence, the device can work as a mobile workstation, possibly replacing a laptop. The iPad OS is currently in the Beta testing stage and will  roll out for the general public later this year.iPad Mini

Unfortunately, the EEC listing certification does not reveal any other details about future iPads. However, they are expected to either succed the iPad Pro duo from 2018 or they could be the rumoured 10.2 inch iPad. Though less likely, they could by the foldable iPad which was previously leaked.

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As of now, nothing can be confirmed about the future tablets from Apple. Therefore, we will have to wait for the company to officially shine some light on the launch of the devices. 

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