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HTC HD7 Review + Video + Samples

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Windows Phone 7 Was released Q4 2010, Htc was the most involved during Launch of Windows phone 7. Htc was also, the firt company to bring their WP7 phones to India.. The First WP7 device to hit India was the HD7. iGyaan was the First to report its availability and also the first to give an unboxing video and pictures. Today we are here as the first with a review of this device on Indian shores. So, lets begin :-



Windows phone had predominantly dominated the smartphone (or supposed) market before the likes of Android and iOS. Windows Mobile OS was the easiest was to get around on your handheld touchscreen device using a stylus to navigate through the tiny start menus and buggy interfaces. Gone are those days, Microsoft, has upped the bar and competition has been tough on their noses. The Latest version of the Windows mobile platform the WINDOWS PHONE 7, does everything that the earlier variants couldn’t, a lot less of everything that they could, most importantly, it is as smooth and good looking as butter on a Hot Pan.

HTC began as a company of Windows Devices, manufacturing devices under third party names, until they decided to launch their own brand and come out strong. The company has grown because of Microsoft and the Windows platform. So, they were the first to offer support for a refreshed version of their favorite OS. The HD7 is the flagship for the company in the Windows Phone 7 Series. With Beautiful looks and an inside that makes a even android phones shame the device packs it all, but, does it?

Build Quality

The Hd7 packs a stunning 4.3 inch 480×800 px front LCD. this screen along with a dark chrome metal bezel and invariably sexy looks make it one of the Hottest smart-phones in the market today. Overall a high strength construction along with premium use of glass and metals make it absolutely top notch. The flaws however are there and include, a very poorly designed back cover which leaves a lot to be desired and a lot of noise from the handset when, well its shaken.

Also, noticeably bothersome is the fact that all the buttons are flush with the phones bezel so they are not tactile and really difficult to operate. The Screen is recessed into the bezel and the bezel hurts the finger while its under operation.



TouchScreen & Display

The Display is a 480×800 px LCD display, which is multitouch and boasts a high contrast and brilliant brightness. The display is absolutely amazing, we always hoped that the HTC samsung fallout wouldn’t happen. so that the HTC phones could continue getting SAMOLED screens. But, this screen makes you feel otherwise. The beautiful display along with brilliant colors from the Windows Phone 7 make the device look and perform great. The touch screen experience is fluid, to the extent that every tap gives you a response. The screen in our case did not fade when tilted, like it did for a lot of others people who complained about the quality of display. Agreed the viewing angle is not as good as we would expect from a device like the said, But, then again how many times do you actually look at your device at a 70-90 degree angle.

The Kickstand plays a major role in how the display looks, Once placed on a surface the angle of view changes to a slightly tilted one, this does not affect the viewing experience  on the device – which can be totally hands-free

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