HTC HD7 Review + Video + Samples

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HTC HD7 Review + Video + Samples

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Operating System

HD7 runs Windows Phone 7, which is Microsofts attempt at capturing the market that iOS and Android have been munching on. WP7 in more ways is closer to iOS than to Android but combines the dignity of Android with the clean and closed structure of iOS. The OS has one of the best feels of navigation and ease of use. Once you get hooked onto the look and feel of the OS. You start to feel that Android and iOS are cramped and crummy. LArge beautiful fonts and big tiles invite you to touch them. This OS was built for touchscreens and there is no fighting that cause.

WP7 is classy, yet is still in its younger phase, the years of beginning and it has a lot to learn. The OS will seek out updates and fixes, add ons and patches, lists and properties , until then it just reminds of of when Apple first introduced the AppStore. We see potential for this OS, But only if it can grow as quickly as iOS and Android progress.

The flexibility of this platform in the future will in the end decide the fate of this new breed of OS.


HD7 bring a lot many things to the table. Some less some more. The OS is one of the cleanest and nicest forms of mobile platform interfacing from the recent years. This OS has set a precedent as the iOS did once, We don’t essentially need to be tied down in a knot to be able to utilize our device. Microsoft played a gamble with OS and has successfully played high stakes. The device combines an excellent mix of Hardware and Software to bring something entirely new to the Table.

With a price thats not bank breaking in todays smartphone world. At around 28,000 INR The device brings you that much close to what the future of mobile handsets is.

We say if you are a new user looking for a premium smartphone – The HD7 experience wont disappoint. Microsoft is already talking about an update which further improves the speed of the OS, improves the battery management and wifi issues that we faced with the device. Once that comes out, expect this phone to be a jewel. If you are an iPhone or Android user you will miss the experience as you search around for some usual things just to find out, that options for those don’t exist on the device.

The Phone may seem lage but is quite comfortable to use, In fact even fits your denim pockets with ease, very convenient if you are font of multimedia and gaming.


WE RATE IT 4.0/5.0

Check out the picture gallery and Full Video Review Below.

Pictures. Check back for sample shots coming soon.


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