The Curious Case of QuickCircle: LG G3 Case unveiled

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The Curious Case of QuickCircle: LG G3 Case unveiled

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Protection is a must. No we are not talking about condoms, we are talking about phone covers. The variety in the market is immense. Not just from the companies itself, but third party cases have flooded the markets all across the world.

In a peculiar move, LG has released its cover design before releasing the phone. The prominence being given to this particular cover is well deserved. It looks really functional and is not just a marketing gimmick. The video that has been released shows a customized lock screen which is accessible from the circular opening in the cover. They call it the QuickCircle.


Samsung had previously introduced the S view covers for their S4’s. They also brought the S view on the Note 3. But till now they were only meant for reading notifications or  to pick a call. Also they were rectangles, not nearly as sexy as LG’s circle.

LG has taken it a step further by adding more interactive options. The cover design lets you access the customized lock screen where you can check the time, place calls, send text messages, take photos, listen to music or get an update of your health directly from the circular window. The QuickCircle will come in five colors: Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Aqua Mint and Indian Pink(the last one sounds a bit naughty).

Apart from all this, the case also has the ability for wireless charging through its built-in Qi compatibility. LG also made a lot of developers happy when it said it will release an SDK next month. That will ensure that even more customized functionality can be added to the QuickCircle.

The company also claims that the QuickCircle provides the best “grip-ability” for the massive 5.5 inch QHD screen of the LG G3. The phone itself is claimed to have Android 4.4 out of the box, a 32 GB internal memory and a 3000 MaH battery. More details will come out soon.

There is a lot of potential here that LG is uncovering. Lock screen accessibility will also help to decrease battery usage. Plus it is perfect for travel as it gives quick access to music and camera – the two most useful functions to use during excursions.

LG should be commended for this development and the QuickCircle deserves the special mention it has got from the company. Hopefully, other companies will join the game faster and convert the dumb flip cover into useful accessories.

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