Apple iWatch Rumored to Come in Two Sizes with NFC and Curved OLED Display

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Apple iWatch Rumored to Come in Two Sizes with NFC and Curved OLED Display

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This may be the last round of rumours surrounding Apple’s most mysterious wearable. We’ve been waiting to have a Apple product wrapped around our wrist for quite some time. Now we’re wishing and hoping that Apple unveils it on its 9th September event.

The latest leaks have pointed out to the fact that the expected iWatch might come in two sizes, both with curved OLED displays, will be able to track health and fitness data, and will include NFC for to make mobile payments directly from your wrist. 

OLED display has been criticised for having over-saturated colors but now, Apple may use the OLED display for its first ever wearable. An OLED display only needs to light up pixels that are actively in use, meaning that Apple’s watch could potentially display some basic information such as an analogue watch face while leaving the rest of the screen black. Using OLED display can save battery in the smartwatch.


The addition of NFC in the smartwatch comes in line with rumors of inclusion of the same technology in iPhone 6, too. This will simplify the process of pairing an iWatch and an iPhone as well as both can be used for encouraging mobile payment directly from the smartwatch, which many companies are trying to achieve but have failed until now.

It is said one of the main features of Apple’s upcoming iWatch is the variety of health sensors. However, the details about this has been scarce. A heart-rate sensor is believed to be one of them. As far as display sizes goes, reports have varied, however, earlier reports have pointed to sizes between 1.3-inches and 2.5-inches. If this to be believed, Apple’s iWatch will have one of the biggest watch face in the smartwatch market. 

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