Apple to Bring iPhone 6 to India on 17th October

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Apple to Bring iPhone 6 to India on 17th October

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Apple’s latest flagship is out now, and the lovers and haters are excited for their own reasons. The company has posted on its website that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available in India on the 17th of October. It appears that both variants of the phone will come together; it was previously reported that the bigger iPhone was to come later by the end of the year.

We have already told you about the expected pricing of the devices. For a premium device with innovative interconnectivity features, the price is justified. The phones are, in fact, cheaper than their predecessors when considering the amount of features they bring. Apple has kept with times and has increased the screen sizes for heavy multimedia consumption. And to address the elephant in the room; yes you are also paying for the Apple brand and it’s a great service. Premium services cost a lot of moolah.

The new phones also come with an NFC payment feature called Apple Pay. It seems fairly secure and will come handy to folks traveling to America coming next month when it gets implemented across multiple stores and online retailers.

These 64 bit, A8 chip-based phones are much faster, and their seamless interconnectivity feature like handoff, Wi-Fi-calling and others will make them worth buying. The improved camera features will also be appreciated by Apple enthusiasts. So mark your calendar, the Apple giants are a month away.

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