Apple’s iPhone 6 Goes Out of Stock in India Within Days

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Apple’s iPhone 6 Goes Out of Stock in India Within Days

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A feat that was thought to be only achievable by Xiaomi has been achieved by its papa bear, Apple. The technology superpower’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6 has gone out of stock in India just days after its official release. In the nation’s capital, Apple’s ardent fans had even lined up at midnight to be the first to buy the device.

Apple had brought in a stock of 55,000 devices for sale in India on the midnight of 16th October. The entire stock got sold in just 3 days. Now the company is planning to bring 25,000 new devices soon to quench the demand for the latest bestseller. It was said that there will be a delay of three days before the devices are available again.

55,000 devices flew of the shelves in just three days.

55,000 devices flew of the shelves in just three days.

Apple’s new iOS based devices not only have bigger screens that make them more multimedia friendly, they also have seamless connectivity features with other Apple devices. This, for now, separates these devices from everything else in the market.

The reason for the clearing up of shelves, even at such high price tag, might be the current festive season. With Diwali right around the corner, everyone is trying to attract new customers and seems like Apple has clearly made its mark. It wouldn’t be long before we get a final tally who scored the most off this festive climate.

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