Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Users Complain of Scratches on the Screen

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Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Users Complain of Scratches on the Screen

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Apple had touted that the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus had strengthened Ion-X glass. There were talks of inclusion of sapphire glass on the new generation iPhones, but that plan was shelved. The reason cited for it was the inability of the supplier to fulfill Apple’s demand even after a $1 billion deal. Well, the sapphire glass never came about but now it’s being reported that the Apple’s alternative choice is showing signs of scratches.

A conversation was commenced at Apple’s Support page by a user named jake.underwood26, who posted that he took extremely good care of his device, but still he ended up with scratches on the corners of the display. Presently, there are 654 replies on the forum, and there are multiple complaints of scratches on the display.

User are claiming that the scratches are showing up at the corners of the display.

Users are claiming that the scratches are showing up at the corners of the display.

One user by the username Jshea74 says, “After 2 years of heavy use and no screen cover, my iPhone 5 never had a scratch. Less than a week into owning an iPhone 6, I have a good sized scratch on my screen. So disappointed. I only ever had a bumper on my old phone and would totally throw it in my purse with my other stuff with no issues. Now I guess I’ll have to get a cover for the screen. Definitely seemed easier to scratch.”

AppleInsider did an investigation on the issue and found out that one of the culprits can be the use a curved display glass with no bezel ‘lip’ to protect against scrapes. In the predecessors of the device, a flat glass was used, and it was surrounded by a thermoplastic peripheral material housed in a harder polymer wrap. This kept the glass secure and prevented shock induced scratches. In the latest device, though the company uses the thermoplastic material but it is now in the middle of display assembly and phone body. Even the hard plastic wall was removed to cover the curves toward the rounded aluminum chassis. Apple is yet to respond on the issue.

Apple hasn’t had an easy path with the launch of the new iPhone. Previously, Bendgate became a major cause of embarrassment for the company when multiple users began complaining about the bending of the device. Seems like Apple didn’t finish its homework before releasing the phones and hopefully, it will fix the issues as soon as possible. The device cost a king’s ransom and it’s a shame that such issues are showing up in a premium device such as this.

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