Top 6 Things We Can Expect from Apple in 2015

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Top 6 Things We Can Expect from Apple in 2015

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With the two new iPhone 6 models breaking sales records, the arrival of iMacs with 4k display, and of course, the imminent release of the Apple Watch; 2014 was an exciting year for Apple fanatics. The Cupertino-based tech giant managed to stay stuck in it position on the front row.

Now we’re waiting for what’s in store for us in the next 12 months. Here are some of the first few rumours indicating the things we can expect:

1. iPad Max

ipad mini 3

While Apple has never confirmed the existence of this product, a 12.9-inch iPad is almost a sure bet for 2015. The only glitch, it might not be intended as a consumer product. If Apple goes ahead with this plan, 12.9-inch iPad means that the company will not not just be after the tablet market, but the PC market as well. It’s not always easy to convince businesses to replace Windows PCs with Macs, but adding a large-screen iPad that can work in the office and on the road (and one that can now run Office Apps), may not be as hard.

2. The iPhone 6s Mini

iPhone 6 Plus 12

In previous years Apple has been consistent in its approach to upgrading the iPhone. Year 2014 saw a redesign of the casing, and the introduction of the first Apple Phablet, so we’d expect the 2015 models to keep that exterior and instead increase the performance by upgrading key components.

Also, several new rumours making the rounds say that the company is planning to launch a mini version of its iPhone 6 dubbed ‘iPhone 6s Mini’. According to recent reports by Apple Insider, the design of the rumoured mini smartphone will match that of iPhone 5s and the specifications with iPhone 6. In other words, a return to the prior model’s 4-inch display size.

3. Music streaming


It’s been almost six months since Apple bought over Beats, but despite all the new hardware and initiatives like Apple Pay, no one seems to know what Apple’s doing with the company. We expect Apple to launch new service, backed up by Dr. Dre’s team, to combat the decreasing sales of the iTunes music streaming service.

4. Apple Watch

Apple watch Features Design 15

The Apple Watch is the only device that Apple has officially confirmed is coming next year. Apple’s newest smartwatch enters a marketplace in 2015, that feels competitive. The Watch will need to prove its worth against the already established range of Android and Microsoft powered alternatives. The new Apple Watch will arrive in three models – Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition, which will also be available in large and small screen size options. Watch apps will be heavily reliant on the iPhone and will deliver information through basic “Glances” or actionable notifications.

5. Refreshed Apple TV

Apple TV 1080p

One device that was conspicuous by its absence at the 2014 product launch, was the Apple TV. However, earlier this year, there were persistent rumors that Apple was planning on expanding and improving the capabilities of its media streaming device. While the Apple TV might seem like a forgotten device, it’s worth noting that the company has sold more than twenty million units, making Apple over a billion dollars in 2013 alone. This might seem small when compared to iPads and iPhones, but it’s still a highly profitable area. We hope to see some change in the Apple TV in 2015.  There have been rumours that Apple will open up the App Store to the Apple TV too.

6. Enterprise Focus


Five months ago, Apple stunned the tech community by announcing a long-term enterprise partnership with IBM. The idea was to bring mobile to business in a way that big businesses, even entire industries, could manage and leverage it to their advantage. It is said that Apple outlined a strategy that takes what’s best about Apple products and, essentially, combines it with skills from IBM. A few that the Cupertino-based company lacks, such as direct sales and integration of custom apps.

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