Report: Apple’s Next iPhone to be Available for Purchase on 23rd September

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Report: Apple’s Next iPhone to be Available for Purchase on 23rd September

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This is good news for Apple fans everywhere. If rumours are to be believed, the upcoming iPhone 6s will be available in stores from 25th September this year, according to MobileNews. In an amusing chain of events, Vodafone began sending out “Save the Date” e-mails to its staff and accidentally leaked the release date of Apple’s next flagship.

Surprisingly, there was no name mentioned about the next iPhone; it was simply being referred to as the ‘new iPhone’. According to the source, pre-orders will start from 18th September and it will go live physically on 25th September.

Even before this was leaked, we were somewhat optimistic that the iPhone 6s would be released in September. We’re guessing Apple decided to stick to its long standing tradition, as the last three flagships were released in September, in their respective years.

It is highly unlikely that Apple will be going for a significant design change for the new upcoming iPhone, since it went through a major make-over in its last release. Recently, it was also revealed that the next iPhone will include Force Touch and a new casing – making the iPhone 6s wider, taller and stronger.

Click here to read more about the iPhone 6s.

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