iPhone 6s to Have a Battery Smaller Than iPhone 6

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iPhone 6s to Have a Battery Smaller Than iPhone 6

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A Force Touch promotional video released by Apple seems to confirm that the battery of the newest iPhone will be less than its predecessor. Speculations about the reduced battery capacity of the iPhone 6s have been doing the rounds for weeks now. Finally this video comes across as some sort of an acknowledgement of the rumours. According to GSMArena, it shows the battery at a “1715 mAh”, less than the iPhone 6’s 1810 mAh.

The reason for the reduced battery is perhaps to make space for new features like the Taptic Engine and Force Touch-enabled display. At the same time, this in no way implies fewer hours of usage. The specs at the Apple event last night show that the iPhone 6s will have the same talk, Internet browsing, and video playback time as the iPhone 6. This is ensured by the increased efficiency of the phone in terms of power usage.

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  • nimal

    M9 motion coprocessor is integrated directly into the A9 chip .so we can expect more battery life.

  • Amit Shewani

    Naman Bali, if you were a technology enthusiast you wouldn’t have said that. None of the companies have invested in batteries, there must be a reason that they have kept a battery with low mah, think about it, they aren’t stupid!
    I don’t want to get into any argument but it’s the sad truth, nobody and I mean nobody is investing into technology that can make batteries more efficient !

  • Jitin Jindal

    New cpu n gpu are less power consuming thats y ! Battry backup of 6s is better then 6

  • Chinmay Bhardwaj

    Bcoz of taptic engine in new iphone

  • Chinmay Bhardwaj

    Amit shewani u r right

  • Tushar Malhotra

    s for small :p
    Apple took it seriously..

  • Raghav Bedi

    Tushar Malhotra

  • Rahul Jain

    To compensate the space used in 3D touch technology

  • Tanuj Kapoor

    Sonal Mishra it doesn’t matter how much battery is ! iPhone is iPhone U0001f601U0001f60dU0001f618U0001f60e

  • Naman Bali

    a 50k phone should not “outlast majority of devices”, it should outlast all of them

  • Amit Shewani

    It’s not about ‘mah’, it’s more about battery consumption by hardware and software! It can still outlast if not all but at least majority of devices!

  • Vigneshwar

    s for small :P

  • Shreyansh Parakh

    Apple started copying !
    Its end

  • Sonal Mishra


  • AkashDeep Jhang

    its 1750mah on new iphone 6s

  • Sonal Mishra

    1810mah battery! Funny!

  • Kaizaad Banaji