Here Is Everything That Happened At the Apple 2015 Event

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Here Is Everything That Happened At the Apple 2015 Event

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Apple had its huge event yesterday in San Francisco and yes, we’re still talking about it. So, here is a list of everything that Apple announced yesterday – from the Apple Watch OS 2 to the iPhone 6s Plus, we have it all.

Apple Watch: The watch boasts of many fancy features among which the Air Strip is one of the most important. It is a medical app which allows doctors to review different patients’ heart rates all at the same time.

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The iPad Pro: At the Apple launch, Tim Cook announced “The biggest news in iPad since the iPad”. The new iPad Pro is the company’s push for the iPad in a big way. It is the “biggest screen on an iOS device, with more power and performance than any iOS device.”

Apple iPad Pro 2

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Apple TV : Tim Cook took over the stage and said,”I’d like to talk about an even bigger screen.” And you held your breath because you know what’s coming next. Yes, tech-freaks all over the world, it’s time for the Apple TV.

Apple TV gaming

Apple TV gaming

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iPhone 6s : The moment has arrived, when Apple finally reveals its iPhone 6s smartphone. We have been covering all sorts of rumours and reports about this handset the moment we got wind of it. Price, display, specifications and software – we’ve heard it all, and now is that moment of truth where we find out what this hype is all about and most importantly, whether it’s been worth it.

x iPhone 6s 4

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iPhone 6s Plus : As Apple tradition goes, the respected iPhone is always released with an upgraded ‘S’ option.

iPhone 6s 7

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Well, those were the big announcements, but there were a couple of other things that you might have missed. For example, you might have missed the fact that the Apple watch will now come with the messenger app, the iPad Pro will include the 3D4Medical app, and that it will come with an Apple Pencil etc. So, here’s our report to help you with all the smaller details of the launch.

Please comment, and let us know, if there’s anything else you’d like to find out.

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