Apple To Pay $234 Million For Patent Infringement

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Apple To Pay $234 Million For Patent Infringement

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A US jury has passed its verdict and it’s definitely not going to please Apple. The tech giant has been ordered to pay Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) a sum of over $234 million as penalty for patent infringement. WARF is in-charge of all the patent licensing of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.Apple iPad Pro 4

The jury had previously reached a decision that Apple had used a patented microchip technology in its iPads and iPhones to which Apple had appealed. After about three hours of deliberation, the amount was set at over a hundred million dollars less than what the University had demanded of Apple. We did a story on this lawsuit which you can read here.Samsung Apple Legal Trouble

Though Apple is at least free of one lawsuit, more legal trouble awaits the company courtesy of WARF again which is suing the company on the same lines for using patented technology in its latest iPhones -6s and 6s Plus. However, legal trouble is not a territory unknown to Apple which has been waging copyright, infringement and patent related battles with other tech giants as well, Samsung being one of them. Such penalties are not likely to be more than a puny amount for a company which reported its annual revenue for 2014 to be around $182 billion.

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  • Roshan Poojary

    Who cares..pple gonna buy apple products anyway!

  • Santy Ojha

    Now we know how despicable Apple can be..

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    Wow.. Soo fasttt..

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    Amazing how fast you are looking at a very long time..

  • Nirbhay Jadhav

    nokia will takeover apple i bet

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    i knew it ! i knew it !!! the only good thing on those devices is the bond betwin software and hardware, the rest is useless

  • Doru Cora

    lesbian sisters even

  • Madhan Kumar

    You’re are right,an extremely greedy company will for sure face it’s fate for looting customers!

  • Doru Cora

    for now, they have,but never knows

  • Abdul Kalam

    both are sisters

  • Abdul Kalam

    still the argument is going on not confirm they have prove them Apple used patent right even why WARF is wakeup now when they have invention chip in 1998. it’s all Bullshits nothing can be happen to Apple.

  • Aneil Raj Dorakula

    And they are gonna earn that from INDIA through iPhone 6s.,

  • Rajbir Singh Shienh

    They have more money than our country

  • Ritvik Gupta
  • Zubair Imran Mna

    800 million$ it was..! U0001f631

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    They started this first and now its gonna end them soon

  • Mastana Mahi

    Plzz tell is Meizu m2 camera as compare to xiaomi redmi 2/prime?

  • Aayush Shah

    Wasn’t the fine going to me nearly 800 million $…??

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    Wouldn’t matter to them anyways

  • Doru Cora

    apple soon wil be bankrupt

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    looks like this quater is not good for apple :p