Is the iPhone 6S in Trouble Even Before it Has Been Announced?

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Is the iPhone 6S in Trouble Even Before it Has Been Announced?

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The iPhone 6 is touted as being different from all the other iPhones especially since it catered to the ‘large screen’ demand. However, the rumours about the iPhone 6S do not mention a larger screen and it is precisely this reason that has made many analysts and firms wary about it’s success and appeal.

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Macquarie, a global investment banking and diversified financial services group, writes:

Since the new phone will not be a size upgrade, we are concerned that the growth simply won’t be there. We are well aware that this is incredibly simplified, but because it is simple doesn’t mean it won’t impact the growth and stock.

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The ‘comp issue’ mentioned above refers to the hypothesis that – if the iPhone is already doing so well then it would be difficult for the future creations to compete with what is already available.

Piper Jaffray, an investment bank and asset management firm also has similar worries and writes that the iPhone growth is expected to go flat in CY16. It is said that because of the level of excellence that the iPhone 6 surpasses, it will continue to be successful even after the announcement of a new device. Especially because the price of the iPhone 6 will drop.

Apple is expected to release their reports earnings later today and announcements for a new iPhone is anticipated.

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