Apple Grabs 75.5 Percent of Smartwatch Market Shares; Samsung Lags at 7.5 Percent

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Apple Grabs 75.5 Percent of Smartwatch Market Shares; Samsung Lags at 7.5 Percent

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The announcement for the launch of the Apple Watch was met with great optimism and reviews encouraging the users to adapt to the product despite certain glitches. Fashion experts were also looking forward to its launch as it was hoped that Apple would finally launch a fashionable smartwatch that would be wearable.

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Despite these reviews, the critical opinions seemed to overpower them, even post release. For instance, Brad Hargreaves initially predicted an 11 million sale in the third and fourth quarter which he later slashed down to 10.5 million. Most reviews seemed to tag the product as ‘destined for failure’ and no one would ever know since Apple rarely reveals sales numbers or internal statistics.

However a new report is said to show the Apple sales as “exceeding internal expectations” despite the pessimistic aura. Numbers never seem to fail Apple Inc. and as reported they have sold four million watches in the second quarter, giving them 75.5% of the global smartwatch market shares.

Global Smartwatch Vendor Shipments (Millions of Units) Q2 ’14 Q2 ’15
Apple 0.0 4.0
Samsung 0.7 0.4
Others 0.3 0.9
Total 1.0 5.3
Global Smartwatch Vendor Marketshare (%) Q2 ’14 Q2 ’15
Apple 0.0% 75.5%
Samsung 73.6% 7.5%
Others 26.4% 17.0%
Total 100.0% 100.0%
Total Growth: Year-over-Year (%) ~ 457.3%
Source: Strategy Analytics

In direct comparison we have the Samsung smartwatch that sold only four hundred thousand watches giving them a 7.5% share in the market. Other brands like Motorola, LG etc. have sold around nine hundred thousand watches giving them a total of 17% of smartwatch sales. In total, Samsung plus the other smartphones own 24.5% of the market, with Apple far ahead of it with 75.5%. Hence, proving that Samsung and the rest have a long way to go before catching up to a Cupertino product.

Source: [tw-button size=”medium” background=”#07ABE2″ color=”” target=”_blank” link=””]Strategy Analytics[/tw-button]

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