iPhone 6s Tests Confirm ‘Batterygate’ Does Not Mean Trouble For The Device

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iPhone 6s Tests Confirm ‘Batterygate’ Does Not Mean Trouble For The Device

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We recently reported about the the difference in the battery performance of the new iPhones depending on their A9 chips. These chips are provided by two different manufacturers, Samsung and TSMC. When two iPhone 6s’ were put to use under similar conditions, it was observed that the one with the TSMC chip lasted longer, by adding two extra hours to the battery life.Apple A9 chip

What is now being touted as the ‘Batterygate’ controversy has raised questions about Apple’s newest devices. This also increases pressure on the company to maintain its position in the tech world, already having been through some turbulent waters in the recent past due to security and software issues. The difference in the performance of the two chips raised quality-related questions for Apple and made the position of the new iPhones shakier, already being panned by many for their steep price-tags.

However, Apple-haters would regret to know that ‘Batterygate’ isn’t as mired a situation as it initially seemed to be. Tests have confirmed the controversy is not too big a deal for the difference between the performance of the two chips isn’t too wide. A Samsung chip does not mean hours of battery shortage as compared to TSMC chips. Potential buyers can go ahead and not let the A9 chips be a deterrent in buying the new iPhones.

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