After Apple Music Apple Working on Video Streaming Service Like Netflix

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After Apple Music Apple Working on Video Streaming Service Like Netflix

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Apple had busy year with Apple music, launching it on iOS and then on Android. The Apple music service made available globally received raving reviews especially in countries like India where cost of subscription was very little.

“Apple Video” is the company’s next big project with many partners involved, such as ABC, CBS, and Fox. Apple already has a large library of movies and video on its iTunes Store, which can currently be only bought or rented.

Apple has already worked out details with Sony Pictures, Universal and disney and may be negotiation with some other studios. NBCUniversal is reportedly not on board due to a feud between Apple and NBC parent company Comcast.

Apple has been working on a video streaming service, according to the rumour mill, for the past six years. It seems 2016 will be the year of release. With the recent news of Netflix going global and launching in 190 countries worldwide, Apple may have to move fast if it wants to get on with the competition.

With most new Apple devices supporting 4k content, Apple may launch the service with UHD streaming keeping in mind the new line of Apple TV units which have hardware capable of streaming 4k video. It may be a simple matter or turning on the feature via a software update.

Apple TV 8

Jimmy Lovine, who joined Apple with as part of the Beats acquisition, said:

We all know one thing, we all have different television delivery systems, don’t we all wish that the delivery systems were better, as far as curation and service? They’re all technically good. And Netflix is starting to cross the code because they’re starting to make some original content. It is really good, but still I mean none of us make movies here right, so we’re all punters, or what do you call them in the music business, fans right? We want to watch movies. Sit down with your girlfriend or a bunch of friends and try to find a movie online. That box helps you none — it doesn’t help. You’re on your own. And eventually that will catch them unless somebody digs in and really helps the customer. And entertainment needs that, it needs to live and breathe.

Apple will start the pricing for the video streaming service for US $20 as the base package and It’s claimed that the service will offer around 25 different channels, with the likes of ABC, CBS and Fox being lined up as partners.

Only time will tell if Apple does launch this service which they have, reportedly, been working on since 2009. And if they do will it impact the already wrong hold that Netflix is set to gather in the next few years.

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