Apple May Launch An LTE – Enabled Apple Watch

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Apple May Launch An LTE – Enabled Apple Watch

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Apple Inc. is planning to launch a cellular network compatible Apple Watch to reduce the wearable device’s reliance on the iPhone. The Apple Watch currently needs to be connected to an iPhone to do most of its tasks, such as receive notifications, stream music, send messages on the go, etc.

This move is designed to make the smartwatch a stand alone replacement for your iPhone. The LTE-enabled smartwatch is touted to do a lot more work than the current Apple Watch (when it’s not wirelessly connected to the phone). For example, a user can send text messages, check notifications, download songs or use the maps, even if they’ve left their phone at home. The smartwatch, however, will not replace the current version of the Apple Watch, and instead go on sale as an LTE version of the same watch, much like the iPads have over the years.

Intel will be the LTE chip supplier for the new smartwatch. Qualcomm has long been the chip supplier for Apple mobile devices, but since the companies are embroiled in a legal dispute, Apple has chosen Intel for the task at hand. Intel also supplied chips for some of the iPhones last year. Apple is already in talks with network carriers in the US and Europe, such AT&T, T-Mobile etc for the next gen Apple Watch.

The move to make the Apple Watch a standalone device may boost its sales and make it a more viable option for Android users as well. As it will be able to do most of the tasks of a cell phone without being connected to one. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc has conceded that the smartwatch is a very small part of Apple’s revenue but is still the most popular smartwatch in the world right now. Apple’s decision to add a GPS chip to the Apple Watch Series 2 was to enable consumers to leave their phones at home while going for a run.

Apple had planned to release an LTE enabled smartwatch last year but pushed the release due to battery draining issues. With watchOS 4 releasing this fall, and new improvements in Siri, along with new features such as payments via iMessage, and the ability to interact with gym equipment , The Apple Watch will attract some serious buyers.

Apple is all set the release the next iPhones in the coming month, and there is a large possibility that the next Apple Watch will be introduced alongside the next iPhones.

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