Your iPhone X May Be Faster Than Your Friend’s iPhone X

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Your iPhone X May Be Faster Than Your Friend’s iPhone X

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Apple iPhone X has been out for almost a month now and people who’ve recently ordered it, will start receiving their iPhone X sooner rather than later. If you have an iPhone X already, it is possible that your phone might be faster (or slower) than your friend’s iPhone X.

Apple equips iPhones in the US with modems from both Intel and Qualcomm, and the same goes for their priciest iPhone yet, the iPhone X. In a new report, it has been unearthed that iPhone X models with Qualcomm modems were faster than iPhone X models with Intel modems.

The test shows that iPhone X models with Qualcomm modems “get consistently better LTE speeds than Intel’s on America’s most common LTE band.”

It is worth noting that Apple crippled a few functionalities of the Qualcomm chip because the Intel chips don’t support these features yet. So, in order to keep the differences at a bare minimum, Apple curbed the performance of the Qualcomm chipsets itself.

But, the good news is that you won’t notice the difference between the two until you’re in a dire situation.

Following recent legal battles between Qualcomm and Apple, it won’t come as a surprise if all iPhones start shipping with Intel modems in the future. Reports already suggest the same and with recent law suits, the relationship between the two firms may have gone beyond repair.

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