‘Apple Glass’ Could Be A Reality Soon As Apple Buys AR Centric Longmont

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‘Apple Glass’ Could Be A Reality Soon As Apple Buys AR Centric Longmont

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This move adds to the anticipation regarding Apple's wearable tech
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Apple has confirmed the acquisition of a startup that ‘focuses’ on making lenses for Augmented Reality glasses. Reports of the deal had been around for a while, however a Senior Apple Executive confirmed it on Wednesday. The move strengthens recent rumours about an upcoming ‘Apple Glass’ similar to the Google Glass.

Apple acquired Longmont and Colorado-based Akonia Holographics. “The technology allows for thin, transparent smart glasses that display vibrant, full- colour, wide field-of-view images.”, according to Akonia. The news entirely hints at the fact that the tech giant is planning to enter the domain of wearable AR devices which enhance daily experiences. The company Akonia, also has more than 200 patents related to holographic systems, according to its website.

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Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality superimposes images on real-world scenarios, making it more interactive and informative. This was seen in the immensely popular game Pokemon GO which used AR extensively. Similarly, Apple might be planning to use Akonia’s holographic technology to project information on to the lenses of wearable glasses.

Apple Augmented Reality Glasses


Apple’s Big Move :

This isn’t the first time it has acquired a smaller company. Back in 2013, it bought a small Israeli company which specialised in making 3D sensors. The Face ID feature in the iPhone X launched last year, used similar technology and 3D sensors. Apple does pick up smaller firms which showcase promising technology and takes that technology to the testing grounds. Many of the features available in various Apple products could have been at on point of time, the prime focus of a small company.

However, the purchase of the company doesn’t really confirm the development of a new device. According to a senior executive at Apple, “Apple buys smaller companies from time to time, and we generally don’t discuss our purpose or plans”.  Regardless, most analysts point out the fact that an ‘Apple Glass’ is actually in development and we could see it for ourselves by the year 2020.

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