Apple Misses AirPower Release Window

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Apple Misses AirPower Release Window

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Apple is known for their timely product releases and the exceptional quality of the products. But it seems like Apple has been having some issues with the AirPower – A wireless charger that will reportedly charge multiple devices. In all the Apple events in 2017, the company had said that consumers can expect the AirPower to be released for purchase by 2018 itself. 


AirPower is a wireless charging mat-like device that can charge more than one device. Most wireless chargers available in the market now are capable of charging one device at a time. The Apple wireless charger was shown to charge an Apple Watch, an iPhone and their proprietary wireless earbuds.

What Happened?

The AirPower device was also supposed to coordinate with all the Apple devices being charged and show percentages of charge in each device on the iPhone. The company had expressed interest to work with Qi Standards team. Th aim is to incorporate these benefits into the future of the standards. But no news about any cooperation has come up yet either. 

Apple has also not set a price down for the AirPower charger and have not given out a statement regarding the same. It is believed that some internal development difficulties has caused this delay. It is very unlike of Apple to miss deadlines as they hold to higher standards and have set timelines for every device they make. However, it is unclear if the AirPower project has altogether been scrapped. Apple might also be making further improvements to the product itself but our guess is as good as yours.

When Will We Know?

Apple usually has three or four events in a year. One in March which revolves around education and creativity themes and are often known to include iPads. There is also a big event in June known as WWDC which sees mostly softwares and sometimes, although rarely, high-end hardware.

The other two events are in September which is the most anticipated event in all year. The reason behind it is because this event usually features new iPhones and Apple Watches and one in October. The October event usually releases iPads and sometimes consumer focused Macs. We will hopefully come to know the status of the AirPower in the next Apple event in 2019, if not before. 

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