Apple Blocks Google’s Internal Apps On iOS

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Apple Blocks Google’s Internal Apps On iOS

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Just after a few days of banning Facebook’s notorious internal apps on its iOS, Apple has now blocked Google for the same. The company can no longer run its internal apps on Apple’s platform following a privacy scare. This was reported by TechCrunch and Bloomberg’s Mark Bergen.

The main reason cited behind this decision is Google and Facebook’s use of these apps to monitor users activity. Apple’s move to block Google’s developer certificate comes just a day after Google disabled its Screenwise Meter app following press coverage. Google’s app also relied on Apple’s enterprise program. The program enables the distribution of internal apps within a company.

According to a statement by Google “We’re working with Apple to fix a temporary disruption to some of our corporate iOS apps, which we expect will be resolved soon.” This statement was given to Mark Bergen. Since that, Apple seems to have revoked Google’s apps.

Facebook’s Beef with Apple

This news comes days after Facebook was caught installing root certificates on iOS devices. These would help the company steal the usage data of the users. This was being done in exchange of an amount up to US $20. Apple also took necessary action against Facebook on the matter.

It was time for Apple to take a stand too, as the issues concerned privacy, a part where Apple claims to stand out. Incidents like these would’ve shown the company in a bad light. Since the news broke out, Facebook, in a statement to Bloomberg said “We can confirm that we have our enterprise certificate restored and we are working on getting our internal apps back up and running.”

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