Apple To Soon Launch A Paintbrush For iPad, Reveals Patent

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Apple To Soon Launch A Paintbrush For iPad, Reveals Patent

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Apple first launched the Apple Pencil in the year 2015 alongside the first generation iPad Pro. Doodling and drawing were the main implications of the Apple pencil. It communicated with the iPad using Bluetooth and featured a removable cap that concealed a Lightning connector. As per reports, the company is working on another peripheral which will have similar features to the Apple pencil but will be used for painting on the iPad instead of drawing. 

Apple “Paintbrush” Patent Details

The speculated “Apple Paintbrush” was patented recently by the company, and the patent represents the “paintbrush” as a “Stylus with multiple inputs”. As per the patent, the “electronic paintbrush” has multiple flexible contact points. Apple’s patent further stated that all the flexible contacts can flex independently of each other, and a feedback response is generated depending upon the change in bending/flexing of the contact members. 

Apple Pencil

Even though the Apple Pencil is very versatile regarding its compatibility with the iPad, the company believes that the paintbrush-style-stylus can incorporate a huge change in the way artists paint on Apple’s iPads. The patent granted to the American multinational technology company states that despite a multitude of advancements in order to render the inputs and data from the Apple Pencil, the stylus has still a lot of hurdles to overcome when it comes to modern art. Introducing flexible multiple contact members to a traditional stylus can fix a majority of the aforementioned issues. 

iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil

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Such an electronic stylus may have a lot of possibilities in the hands of artists who regularly use iPads for creating content. Previously, the South Korean company, Samsung also published a patent which showcased a stylus with an inbuilt optical camera, indicating towards the advancements regarding styluses and similar peripherals. However, fans should take the news of the Apple Paintbrush with a grain of salt, as there is no official announcement regarding the launch of such an “electronic paintbrush”. 

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