This Foldable iPhone Concept Has Us Excited

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This Foldable iPhone Concept Has Us Excited

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The year 2019 in technology will be remembered for many things. From the popularisation of the punch hole display to the introduction of ultrasonic fingerprint scanners in the Galaxy S10 series, there has been a lot to this year. But perhaps the most innovative advancement has been the advent of folding smartphones. Samsung, the largest smartphone OEM in the world, released its foldable device, the Galaxy Fold back in February. Even Huawei, the manufacturer holding the second place, has announced its handset that can be folded into half, the Mate X will launch soon. Many other mainstream OEMs like Xiaomi and Oppo have confirmed that they are working on a foldable smartphone. 

With all the aforementioned manufacturers announcing a foldable smartphone; it was expected that Apple, a renowned OEM in itself will announce a similar device soon. What the device will look like is anyone’s guess. But in a recently designed render by a reputed media house in collaboration with the Concept Creator, it is imagined how a foldable handset by the company may look like based on previously filed patents. While the actual smartphone, whenever it launches, may be different from what is shown below; the very idea of a foldable handset from a company like Apple has us excited.

Foldable iPhone Concept

The renders designed by Concept Creator give an insight into how Apple may choose to design its folding smartphone. From a first glance, it looks oddly similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, albeit with a few enhancements to the design. While the concept doesn’t expose all the visual elements of the device, it implies the handset will use a large tablet-like display with an option of folding it into half. It is not clear from the video if this smartphone, called the iPhone Flex will use a secondary outer display like the Galaxy Fold. But unlike the latter, it is devoid of any notches on the inside display. For optics, Apple may opt-in for a vertical triple camera setup as shown in the images.

But, with a similar design like the Galaxy Fold, a question arises if the alleged iPhone Flex will also face display malfunctions like the former. From the looks of the concept, it seems highly unlikely. This is due to the design of the hinge, which features a closed off design, not letting foreign particles like dust get into the device. Another question is if the upcoming iPhone Flex does not feature a secondary display or camera on the outside, if this turns out true, the users won’t be able to take selfies from the smartphone. 

Foldable iPhone: What About The Price?

Okay, now let’s get real here. Foldable smartphones are a unique and cool piece of technology, but there is no denying they are known to be priced at a premium. Samsung’s offering costs close to US$ 2,000 (Rs 1,40,000) and the Huawei Mate X is also rumoured to cost around US$ 2,600 (Rs 1,80,000) at the time of launch. And considering Apple products are generally more expensive than the competition, its foldable smartphone may also end up being more expensive than its rivals. However, the company is also known for one more thing. That is perfecting a technology before bringing it to the mass market.

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This might suggest the wait, and the extra money for the technology may very well be worth it. Regarding the launch date of the foldable smartphone from Apple, it is rumoured the company may release one next year. The timing seems right as the technology will have been matured enough for the company to implement it. Maybe the company will not even release a foldable iPhone, or it may take a long time to do so. Whatever may be the case, if the company decides to release a smartphone like the one shown above, colour us excited.

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