Apple Watch Could Soon Receive A Camera

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Apple Watch Could Soon Receive A Camera

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Apple introduced its line up of smart wearables with the original Apple Watch back in the year 2015. Since then the gadget has become one of the worlds most popular smartwatch. Reports reveal that the Apple Watch is one of its best selling products that the company has produced till date. Multiple iterations of the device have been released in the past 4 years and now a new report points towards a camera being added to the smart wearable.

Apple Watch with its latest watchOS 6 update, has made the device capable of providing a proper standalone experience. The one feature that the company has restrained to bring to the Apple Watch is an actual camera. A freshly filed patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) suggests that Apple plans on putting a camera on the wearable. The tech giant is reportedly building a unique camera system which is placed on the strap rather than the main body of the watch.

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The design would have logically been put in the body of the device, as Apple had previously mentioned. According to the schematics, a camera is going to be placed on the end of the Apple Watch strap. Various designs showcase different methods of the camera being mounted on the flexible surface. One of the design simply adds a third smaller strap to exclusively house the sensor that can be laid when not in use. Most designs have shown that the camera can be made to stand in an upright manner. Apple Watch’s strap will likely include some form of connection between the main body and the sensor. It can be achieved by using malleable cores that can give the camera free motion alongside metal wire, magnetorheological fluid, or metal links.

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There are also indications that a hidden button might be employed for taking selfie shots without need the help of the smartwatch. More than one camera sensor is suggested in the design, as two sensors can potentially be housed on either side. Users can possibly switch between the front and back cameras during a video call or taking a picture. Apple may also seek to employ just one sensor that is placed on a rotary design, allowing for dual functionality. 

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Camera in the Apple Watch has been rumoured before by the company itself in 2018. Apple might soon add a major game-changing addition on its popular lineup of wearable devices. A camera will also seek to further the gap between the smartwatches reliance on the iPhone. The new camera feature will be a great new addition to the future iterations of the products line up. 

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