Apple AirPower To Relaunch Soon Suggests Patent

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Apple AirPower To Relaunch Soon Suggests Patent

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In the month of March, Apple officially cancelled the long-awaited AirPower wireless charging mat which was first unveiled in the year 2017. Despite the previous announcement, a freshly granted patent by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) suggests that wireless charging may still be undergoing development and will reappear soon. 

What Is AirPower Mat?
AirPower Wireless

AirPower is an elegantly designed wireless charging mat capable of simultaneously charging multiple devices. It was originally intended to charge three Apple devices concurrently which include an Apple watch, AirPods and an iPhone. However, the wireless charging mat is not limited to charging Apple devices only. As it is based on the Qi wireless charging which is standardised by numerous consumer electronics manufacturers. Out of all the OEMs that use Qi standard on their devices Samsung, Nokia, Google, Xiaomi are a few.

Why Was AirPower Cancelled In The First Place?
iPhone XR 2019

iPhone XR

Apple is a company that is recognised for perfecting a given technology before it makes on appear on the companies globally available products. The AirPower which was originally unveiled in 2017 had overheating issues that the company planned to eliminate before its commercial availability in 2018. Unfortunately, even after working on the AirPower mat for more than two years, the product could not meet the standards that Apple has set for its offerings. Therefore, the company had to cancel the product. 

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The AirPower that Apple originally unveiled was able to generate a lot of hype around it because of its practicality and simplicity. The freshly granted patent suggests that the product is still alive. Besides, the company might have worked out the problems that wireless charging previously had. In order to rejoice its customers, the innovative product may relaunch soon in an upgraded avatar.

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