2020 Apple iPhone Will Feature A 120hz Samsung Made AMOLED Display

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2020 Apple iPhone Will Feature A 120hz Samsung Made AMOLED Display

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In a bid to be ever innovative, OEMs have tinkered with each and every aspect a smartphone has to offer. For example, the display of a handset is one of its fundamental components with which serves the medium of interaction. Now, there are many companies that offer a display refresh rate higher than the standard 60Hz panel on their devices; the simple increase in refresh rate translates to a massive increase in responsiveness and significantly improved user experience. According to a fresh report, Apple is now also seeking to incorporate a ‘faster’ display on its future generation of iPhones.

A renowned leakster shared on Twitter, that Apple is possibly looking into a higher refresh rate screen for its 2020 iPhones. The tech giant is reportedly in talks with leading component suppliers including Samsung and LG who specialise in smartphone displays. Hence, the upcoming iPhone of the following year is likely to feature a display that can switch between 60hz and 120Hz. Notably, the new display could be akin to the 120Hz ProMotion display that is featured on the iPad Pro or employ a similar technology.

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ProMotion was developed to offer a seamless user experience that would enable a responsive ‘feel’ alongside amazing multi media consumption. Furthermore, it can be said that Apple is looking to better its smartphone offerings making them all the more appealing for its customers worldwide. The year 2019 wasn’t as relatively notable for the company with modest sales volume; but the arriving 2019 flagships and 2020 iPhones could potentially place it on the top of another mobile arms race.

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The company introduced its ProMotion display on its iPad Pro back in 2017. It was essentially a smart 120Hz display which adapted its refresh rate according to the content viewed; basically a dynamic refresh rate. The new display on the 2020 iPhone will sport a refresh rate doubling that of any current gen flagships offerings. Implications of Apple’s shift towards a uniform higher refresh panel across its flagship lineup is huge. We may soon see more OEMs adopting better and faster display panels on their flagships by default, meaning it could be a new industry standard soon. 

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We have already seen gaming smartphones like the nubia Red Magic 3 and the ROG Gaming Phone offer higher refresh rate panels. Apple, one of the biggest names in the mobile industry hasn’t lagged far behind either. Conclusively, even if the report is unconfirmed offers a first look at what the future iPhone may feature. The company has always been renowned for its crisp display, but a more responsive one just seeks to add another plus point. Unfortunately, additional information is currently unavailable so stay tuned for more updates that will arrive soon.

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