The Entire 2020 Apple iPhone Lineup Will Support 5G

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The Entire 2020 Apple iPhone Lineup Will Support 5G

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5G networking is one of the popular buzzwords that rose in the year 2019. The latest bandwidth is credited to be faster than its previous generation, namely 4G, and has already been introduced in certain markets. Unfortunately, a lot of issues are still plaguing the advancements with slow adoption and spotty coverage overall. Since 2019 saw the mainstream introduction, 2020 may see a complete integration of the newer networking bandwidth. Now, according to a renowned analyst, Apple is reportedly also jumping on the 5G bandwagon with its 2020 iPhone.

Apple iPhone

iPhone XR

Despite being a year away from release, the 2020 iPhone is already garnering hype and gaining traction. It is caused by news surfacing that report of the upcoming Apple lineup sporting exciting new features. Additionally, the 2019 iPhones will arrive in September and are unlikely to have 5G networking capabilities. Apple’s direct competitors, the Android OEMs have already shifted to the latest bandwidth generation in certain flagships and entry-level 5G devices are expected to arrive in early 2020.

Apple iPhone

Samsung S10 5G

Previously, we covered news regarding 2020 iPhones featuring 5G, however, it was speculated that only the expensive versions would make the cut. Now, reports suggest that the entire 2020 lineup of Apple smartphones will be supported. The move might be caused by the ever-increasing competition with its Android competitors; especially Chinese manufacturers that price their handsets aggressively.

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Furthermore, Apple is planning to include sub-6GHz and mmWave on all 2020 iPhone models. mmWave band refers to the ultra-high frequency which 5G uses for its extremely quick speeds with low latency. A few OEMs have only introduced sub-6GHz in smartphones for borderline 5G capabilities and at a lower price. Apple to save additional cost will employ both wavebands for overall clarity and efficiency during development. Conclusively, the reports are still rather unconfirmed but are promising nonetheless, stay tuned for more updates.

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