Apple iMac headed for refresh, what do you want?

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Apple iMac headed for refresh, what do you want?

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Sadly,  if you’re waiting for the updated iMacs, there has still been no news on a 2011 Apple iMac refresh as yet. The last iMac refresh was in July 2010 and current prices start from $1,199 and we know that if you are thinking of purchasing an iMac but don’t want to make the move if an upgrade will be out shortly.

Apple for its Computers unlike the iPhone/iPod/iPad follows a 10 month refresh cycle. In that scenario the new upgrade could be out anywhere from April to May 2011. Current iMacs have screen sizes of 21.5-inches and 27-inches, there are certainly rumors of new screen sizes. Of course we would expect the new ThunderBolt (Light Peak) technology. Possibly a 30-inch option, improved graphics cards, 8GB base memory, and SSD options.

What do you expect from a iMac Refresh this year?

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