Dropbox Update Fixes iOS 8 Issues and Adds New Features

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Dropbox Update Fixes iOS 8 Issues and Adds New Features

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Dropbox has updated its iOS app to fix a number of issues which arose with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. The file-sharing application has rolled out its iOS 8 upgrade, which now includes a new Notification Center widget of its own, offering a quick overview of your files and recent changes.

The problem was spotted just before the release of iOS 8. There was a bug in the operating system that broke Dropbox’s automatic backup of photos and videos. The compatibility issue led to the feature being temporarily put down for iOS, but Dropbox swiftly fixed this backup problem.


With this upgrade, the biggest iteration is that Dropbox can now be added to the iOS 8 Notification Center, providing a view of your most important files, including those associated with business or personal. For those with only either of the two, you’ll just see a single list, instead of three separate tabs which were earlier left empty consuming unnecessary space.

The widget is another major change in the upgraded version. You can track newly added files, as well as changes like renamed files and edits directly from widget. With a tap on a file name, you can quickly launch Dropbox without needing to locate the app on your phone.


Also, the app includes new Shared Folders feature, which can now be created and managed on the go from the Dropbox app on iPhone and iPad. You can also share the link to a folder from an action menu in the app, or invite users to a folder and manage their access levels.

Another feature is that with iOS 8 supports app extensions, so you’ll now be able to import and export files to and from other iOS apps that support Apple’s “Storage Provider App Extensions” functionality. And, for Business or Pro users, the new upgrade enables the users to set and manage read-only permissions on shared folders via the Dropbox app, for control over what’s being shared.

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