Jony Ive Is Quitting Apple

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Jony Ive Is Quitting Apple

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Apple’s Chief Design Officer Sir Jonathan Paul Ive aka Jony Ive has announced his departure from the world’s most valuable company. The senior executive is leaving Apple to start his own design firm which will be called ‘LoveForm’. 

Jony Ive joined Apple in the year 1992 and since then has been a crucial contributor in the company’s remarkable growth. The executive was appointed the head of Apple’s design studio in the year 1996 when the company was facing poor financial health and was cutting jobs.

In the year 1998, Apple launched the highly successful iMac G3 desktop computer which was designed by none other than Jony Ive. The success that Apple had acquired with the desktop computer was carried forward to the original iPod in the year 2001 which revolutionised the music industry forever.

Other notable devices that were designed under Jony Ive’s leadership include:

  • 2004 – iPod Mini
  • 2007 – iPhone
  • 2008 – MacBook Air
  • 2010 – iPad
  • 2015 – Apple Watch
  • 2016 – AirPods

Another noteworthy project that was the brainchild of Jony Ive is Apple’s new corporate headquarters, Apple Park. The said establishment is an ultra-modern complex designed in partnership with British architects Foster + Partners.

Even though it won’t be feasible to replace the vision of the legendary industrial designer, Apple has already announced Jony Ive’s successors. Yes, you read that right,  after Jony Ive departs from Apple later this year, the company will split the hardware and software design into two separate domains. Since the year 2012, both the departments were supervised by Jonathan Ive.

In the future, Evan Hankey will be taking over as industrial design domain (hardware) and Alan Dye will become the vice-president of human interface design (software). 

Although there are hardly any details known about LoveForm, it is reported that the new company will focus on Product design. Noteworthy, Apple will be the first client of the product that LoveForm designs. Besides, another contributor at Apple, Marc Newson will join the newly incorporated firm. 

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As previously mentioned, it won’t be easy to substitute the legacy left behind by Jony Ive. However, thinking of the bright side, after a very long period, products coming out of Apple’s stable may see a complete redesign.  

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