Apple Begins Manufacturing the New iPhone With ‘Force Touch’

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Apple Begins Manufacturing the New iPhone With ‘Force Touch’

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According to a new report, Apple has started the manufacturing process for the new iPhone. We’re talking about the iPhone 6s which will be arriving this September. The Force Touch feature, first introduced in the Apple Watch and the new 13-inch MacBook, has been expected to be included in the new iPhone for a few months now.

‘Force Touch’ is a feature that detects the level of force in a tap and responds accordingly. For example, a light tap on the screen will perform another task than a hard tap. Tiny electrodes surrounding the Retina display sense the difference in the amount of pressure applied on screen. Thus, a user can perform simple tasks such as fast-forwarding a movie or using pressure to zoom in on a map with ease.

Apple begins production from the first of July. The company expects the production to go smoothly due to the similarities in design between the new and existing iPhone 6. Apple has spent more than two years trying to perfect ‘Force Touch’, which will enhance the user experience when using pressure-sensitive displays.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the next-gen iPhone would be thicker than the existing iPhone due to the integration of ‘Force Touch’ feature. Also, Apple is reportedly integrating support for the feature in the beta versions of iOS 9, which will allow developers to make use of ‘Force Touch’ in navigation and media controls.

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